Closer look on the Rise of Sauron

The Rise of Sauron is an unofficial singleplayer expansion pack for the Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II game.

Ever wondered what would happen if Frodo failed his task on his journey to Mount Doom? If Sauron regained back the One Ring? This singleplayer addon will let you witness Sauron's cruel march across all of Middle-Earth in a new evil campaign.

After a sudden loss of hope at the Black Gate of Mordor the armies of the West were forced to retreat back to the men's capital of Minas Tirith. The sky that had for one moment remained bright was now once again covered with dust and smoke that were spreading out from the depths of Mount Doom.

It was at this darkest hour when the Fellowship of the Ring met for the last time to decide their next move against Sauron who was soon to dominate all of Middle-Earth ...

Main features